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Terry Lau

Design Director

Terry Lau is a seasoned Interior Designer who has been serving in the industry for more than 3 decades.


Having finished his design education in Hong Kong, Terry had worked in different design firms and property developers to tackle various types of projects in the roles of interior designer and project manager respectively.


In the beginning of the new Millennium, Terry was dispatched to reside in Beijing to overlook new projects, during when Terry has gained precious yet solid experience in working under the particular demands and practice in mainland market until 2002.


In 2006, Terry founded Terry & Designer in Hong Kong. Since then, Terry has been dealing with design projects from residence, shops, office, restaurants to shopping malls and hotels in Hong Kong and Mainland China.


As interior designer, Terry is expert in picking the right solutions on design style, trend, approach and material for clients in accordance with the specific needs and suitability of each individual project. Terry believes proper application of design language to provide maximum spatial comfort in appropriate style is always the key.

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